Best Buds

Saturday, September 25, 2010

First time to visit the Dallas Zoo

We visited the Dallas Zoo for the first time last Saturday with our newly formed DBC Weekend Mom's Group. Several of my mom friends and their families joined us at the zoo for some outdoor fun. It was a fun afternoon but still really hot!

Coop's favorite place to hitch a ride

Here's a sweet pic of Coop and I. He loves to ride in the sling and often times will drift off to sleep. I know these days will be gone before I know it, so I cherish our sweet moments. Just had to share this one. :)

LIFE Group @ the park

Every few weeks we get together to have dinner with our LIFE group. It's a group of young families that we connect with through Dallas Bible Church. Together we have something like 20 kids, so it's always an adventure when we get together with the kids. We had a picnic at a local park a few weeks ago. Here are a few super cute pics! I especially like the one where Drew is tackling Cooper on the blanket!

Cooper is FIVE months!

At five months, Cooper was growing like a weed! Check out his cute little double chin? Super sweet!

Practicing for T-ball

Jack began t-ball this fall and loves to practice with his Dad in the backyard.

And he jumps and jumps and...

The Jumper

During Cooper's 4th month he developed a love of the doorway jumper. If we let him, he would entertain himself for hours in it. As you can see here, he jumped so long he literally wore himself out!

Cooper is FOUR months old!

Coop & his big puppy!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cooper is THREE months!

Cooper & his puppy dog

Jeff's 32nd Birthday!

new German beer

Jack, Cooper, and I met Jeff for a special birthday lunch at Brio's in Allen. Then, when he got home that evening, we had "prepared" a special birthday dinner: pork dumplings, sushi, and a homemade chocolate cake. Jack had a great time shopping for his Dad, especially at the grocery store where he made all kinds of new friends. :)